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Thermogram Clinic by MRL offers Kansas City and the midwest thermography services to individuals and practitioners by prepaid appointments. Thermogram Clinic makes it easy to schedule and pay for your thermogram appointment with our easy step by step instructions. Whether you need to schedule your own individual appointment or a thermography event for your clinic Thermogram Clinic is here to meet your needs.

Thermal imaging is a tool that is used to help assess risk for breast cancer. Unlike screening examinations or diagnostic examinations, the findings can suggest risk for currently having breast cancer or for developing it in the future. This information can be used to help determine when additional testing or intervention designed to lower risk is necessary. By watching for changes from examination to examination, Thermal Imaging can also help monitor the effects of interventions to see if they are effective. This includes things such as modifying one’s diet or lifestyle, and improving nutrition among others. It does not directly detect or diagnose cancer but can help reach those goals. Thermal imaging does not replace mammography or any other diagnostic or screening examination.

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